• Guidance Curriculum

    • Teach students to develop transferable skills for success
    • Typically taught in the classroom through planned lessons

    Individual Planning

    • Assist students in making individual goals for their academic and career futures
    • Provide parents and guardians with information on postsecondary education

    Responsive Services

    • Intervene on behalf of students whose circumstances put their educational, career, personal, and social development at risk
    • May be preventative, remedial, or crisis-oriented

    System Support

    • Identify and coordinate resources and activities that indirectly benefit students
    • Assess data to support an effective school counseling program


  • Recommended Program Balance Service Distribution

    Program Balance

  • Texas Administrative Code Chapter 61, in addition to TEC 33.006(d) indicates that school counselors should spend "at least 80 percent of a counselor's total work time on duties that are part of a counseling program developed under TEC Section 33.005".

    "For purposes of this subsection, time spent in administering assessment instruments or providing other assistance in connection with assessment instruments, except time spent in interpreting data from assessment instruments, is not considered time spent on counseling. Each school in the district shall implement the policy. A copy of the policy shall be maintained in the office of each school in the district and made available on request during regular school hours to district employees, parents of district students, and the public.