• A leader is one who knows the way, shows the way, and goes the way.

    ~John C. Maxwell



    Region 15 provides specialized programs and workshops to support you in your daily work.   Regardless of where you are in your leadership journey, we offer training and support that will deepen your skills and enhance your growth as an administrator.



    This mentoring program is for new campus principals and assistant principals.   Included in the program is mentoring with one of our school leadership specialists.  The mentor will spend two days on campus during the school year shadowing the new administrator.  Immediate coaching and feedback will be provided throughout each day and the specialist is available for consultation by phone or through email during the school year.  

    The program also includes a New Principal Survival Camp held in October.  The retreat/camp is typically held off-site in a relaxing setting and includes sessions on time management, communication, relationships, team building and more.  During the pandemic, this will be a virtual event.

    For more information, contact Robin Graves at 325-481-4026.



    Our family-friendly annual retreat is typically held during the second or third week of July in Fredericksburg at the beautiful Inn on Baron's Creek.  We start with a networking social on Wednesday evening.  Thursday is a full day of learning with recognized consultants.  We conclude Friday morning with collaborative meetings for administrators at all levels.  

    For more information, contact Robin Graves at 325-481-4026.



    This two-day training is a new companion training for T-TESS and T-PESS appraisers.  Participants will learn and apply specialized coaching skills, tools, and competencies to utilize in the T-TESS and T-PESS observation cycles or any conversation about teaching and learning.



    Do you have new and/or struggling teachers on your campus?  This training is a 2 day deep-dive that will give you the tools necessary to move those inexperienced or ineffective teachers to effective (proficient) teachers in a short amount of time with follow-up coaching for the district and campuses involved.  Contracts for training are required.



    Principals will work with a leadership coach to improve efficiency and growth in the role of instructional leadership.



    An amazing resource for principals, both new and experienced.


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    For more information, contact:

    Robin Graves 325-481-4026

    Sharon Lane 325-481-4064

    Lindsay Carr 325-481-4077