Strategic Compensation


    Strategic compensation is an approach to paying teachers that thoughtfully aligns compensation with district goals for recruiting, developing, and retaining high-quality teachers. 

    The value of strategic compensation is that it can be designed to best support multiple district priorities while still honoring the culture and experiences of any school district. A plan can take many different forms to accommodate differences across districts in culture, readiness for change, and financial condition.

    As part of the Texas Education Agency's Strategic Compensation and Fellowship Grant, Region 15 is ready to offer support to your district and help find strategies to address recruitment, support teacher development,and improve retention of our most effective educators.

  •  Matching District Goals and Compensation Design Components


    Pay Plan Design Options

    Improving recruitment of effective teachers

    Higher starting salaries, signing bonuses, or options for quickly earning significant pay increases early in a career

    Supporting educator development

    Extra pay for acquiring specific knowledge and skills supporting district priorities

    Incentivizing and rewarding quality instruction

    Bonuses or pay increases based on performance measures such as evaluation or observation ratings, student performance measures, or National Board for Professional Teaching Standards certification

    Recruiting and retaining teachers in hard-to-staff positions and high-need schools

    Recruitment or retention bonuses specifically targeted toward these positions or schools

    Supporting teacher leadership and career development

    Additional pay, recognition, and opportunities to develop leadership skills

    Improving retention

    Retention bonuses or career ladders whereby teachers’ roles grow and evolve while remaining in the classroom

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