Effective Schools Framework

  • Region 15 ESC is proud to partner with TEA and the Center for Effective Schools in providing a clear vision for districts and schools should do to ensure an excellent education for all students. This process is called the Effective School Framework or ESF. 

    The framework, based on years of educational research of best practices, identifies 5 levers essential for successful school outcomes. At the core of effective schools is effective instruction: interactions between students, teachers, and content determine learning outcomes. This instructional core is strengthened and supported by strategic staffing, high-quality instructional materials and assessments, and positive school culture. Strong school leadership and careful planning encompass and ensure each of these levers.

    Learn more at texasesf.org

  • Region 15 ESF facilitators work with campuses across the region to develop a comprehensive plans to build in structures and processes to support collaboration between the LEAs and Region 15 in all school improvement efforts. The goal is to support TEA’s priority of improving student performance through systemic change based on essential actions within the ESF. Contact us for partnership.