• Region 15 Resources to Support Remote Teaching and Learning


    We have an amazing opportunity to open new doors for our students! Teachers can use technology to leverage learning, engage students, and raise the bar on student outcomes; however, technology is just a tool. It cannot replace life experiences or work magic on its own. The key is the dynamic learning opportunities we create, and technology can aide educators in creating those opportunities.

    Research shows that most of our students use technology to consume information rather than to create content. Let us help you transform your students into creative content masters who wield technology tools with ease!

    For Google Classroom Basics Resources that help with Google Workspace, Hyperdocs, Choice Boards, Blended Learning, and more, visit Google Basics Resources

    For help on using Flipgrid in your classroom, visit Flipgrid Fever. 

    For technology integration tech video tutorials, visit Teacher Tech Cafe.