2022 Texas Pre-K Guidelines

2022 Texas Pre-K Guidelines
  • Recently added to provide additional guidance and support: PK - 2 Vertical Alignments!
    Click on a domain below to view, save, and/or print the vertical alignment for that domain.  These are VERY helpful when looking for specific changes within the updated TPGs!

  • TEA & Region 15 are excited to announce the 2022 Texas Pre-K Guidelines are now available!

    There are several formats for the updated Pre-K Guidelines to best serve your needs. Click the links below to find the version that is the best fit for you and your classroom: 


    You will also find these helpful side-by-side documents that show any additions, deletions, and text changes within the outcomes.


    *In order to ensure appropriate demonstration of outcomes, TEA updated several child behaviors within the III. Early Literacy: Reading Domain and IV. Writing Domain of the 2022 Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines: Comprehensive (Spanish) document. These changes have been compiled into the following document: